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Why Is My Laptop Fan So Loud? (Easy Fix)

Topic: Why Is My Laptop Fan So Loud? (Easy Fix)

Why Is My Laptop Fan So Loud

Why Is My Laptop Fan So Loud? (Easy Fix)

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Have you ever wondered why my laptop fan is making so much noise? If yes, then this is the right post for you.

I was sitting here in my favorite spot at a local coffee shop while trying to get work done in peace. And for my TOTAL BUILD, my laptop fan started making these weird humming noises.

I was surprised by the annoying noise from the laptop. You’ve probably heard the advice a million times: try turning your laptop off and on again. I did that and GUESS WHAT? Nothing happened, zero, nothing!

So here I was, trying to get some work done in peace, and instead, I ended up waking up the whole town with my noisy laptop. You could probably blame my curiosity or the fact that I always have to figure out the mystery in everything, but I did some research.

Why is my laptop fan making so much noise? Or making noise!

If your computer is making loud noises, the fans are clogged due to dust buildup. Or there is not enough ventilation and the hard drives are defective.

Your computer may have physically damaged or missing parts that vibrate against the computer frame. Another common reason for noisy computers is outdated BIOS or device drivers.

Now let’s take an in-depth look at why your computer is suddenly making so much noise and what you can do about it.

Poor ventilation is blocking your fan vents

Are you using your laptop placed on soft surfaces like your pillow, blankets, and even your lap?

Chances are, this could be blocking your fan vents and obstructing airflow, which can lead to only one thing: poor ventilation. This will just make the fans spin faster and violate! Your laptop starts making a loud humming sound.

So what is the solution?

Always place your laptop on a hard, flat surface. If you can afford the money, a LAPTOP STAND will do wonders. Try elevating your laptop to allow even better air circulation.

Fans get clogged as dust accumulates.

One of those unfortunate yet unavoidable things that happen to your PC over time is DUST ACCUMULATION.

And we all know how this story goes: too much dust means more heat, which means fans will have to work harder to cool things down, and eventually loud fan sounds.

So what can you do about it?

The easiest thing you can do here is to dislodge the dust with a quick blast of compressed air through the fan vents. And if that doesn’t do the job,

This is what you can do next. Use your screwdriver and open your desktop or laptop. Use an air duster to get rid of those pesky dust particles. A great tip for desktop users: invest in desktop filters for your fans to prevent dust buildup.

Outdated drivers put extra pressure on your PC

Now let’s be honest here. When was the last time you updated your computer’s drivers?

Let me make a wild guess. Probably a long time or maybe never, right?

In case you’re wondering, a driver is a software component that allows the operating system and the device to communicate with each other.

Outdated drivers put a lot of pressure on the efficiency of your computer. This means your laptop has to work harder to keep up with the simplest of tasks.

This is what to do with outdated drivers
Keep your drivers up to date by downloading the latest version from Apple or Windows Update.

Unnecessary software can cause system overload

Your computer could be making loud noises due to something as simple as a SYSTEM OVERLOAD.

Maybe you’ve installed new software that’s continuously running in the background, or maybe you’ve recently changed your operating system. This puts your PC under a great deal of stress and it works very hard to keep up with running games, streaming videos, or editing.

And everyone is probably familiar with the rest of the story. Heat is generated which in turn sets the laptop’s fan to work and they start making strange sounds. Why Is My Laptop Fan So Loud?

So what is the answer?

The solution is incredibly simple and won’t cost you a dime. Head over to your Task Manager and see what programs are running. Delete all unnecessary programs and kill as many background processes as possible.

Consider downloading CleanMyPC to get rid of all the junk

For a SOFTWARE ERROR: Consider rebooting the entire system.

Hard drive failure could be the reason your PC is noisy

Did you know that fans are not the only component in your computer that makes noise?

Failing hard drives can also produce grinding, clicking, or buzzing noises. If this happens, immediately MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR DATA.

The solution?

Replace your current hard drive with a new model.

What to do if none of the above solutions work?

If all else fails, you may have reached a point where no amount of cleaning or updating works

Now it might be time to replace your computer fans.
The GOOD NEWS is that computer fans are very inexpensive and won’t break the bank. Here is one of the best PC cooling fans.

Top tip: Consider running an antivirus scan every couple of months to get rid of any malicious software that may be putting extra pressure on your computer. This, in turn, will cause overheating and the fans will work harder to compensate for the heat. Why Is My Laptop Fan So Loud?


Here you are, guys! This is our take on Why is your laptop so loud?

All in all, if you hear your computer making strange noises, the number one part to suspect is your computer’s fan. And if nothing works, consider redoing the steps or replacing the fans entirely.

Hopefully, this article will point you in the right direction.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead, get to work.

Let us know how it goes and stays in touch for more articles. Best of luck!

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