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Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti Slashed By $1000 Clear Sign Of GPU Tumbling Prices

Topic: Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti Slashed By $1000 Clear Sign Of GPU Tumbling Prices

Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti Slashed By $1000 Clear Sign Of GPU Tumbling Prices

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Yes, that’s right, EVGA Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti is down $1000 and you can get one for a $1000 discount rate now.

GPU prices for the EVGA Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti FTW3 ultra gaming model are down almost 45% below MSRP as they are off $1,000 in the US and now start at $1,149. As the NEWS prevailed in the market about falling graphics card prices, this is another clear sign that the market is falling rapidly.

On Monday, August 1st, the official EVGA Twitter confirmed a $1000 price reduction for the FTW3 gaming model RTX 2090Ti graphics cards. GPUs are the most expensive hardware components in gaming PCs. The downward trend in prices shows that the market is gradually sinking. Compared to the usually recommended cost of $2150, there is a significant drop in price in recent months.

EVGA Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti Price dropped by $1,000

The significant price drop indicates that it is now readily available at around $1200. That positively means that you would get a slight boost in gaming fun at a low price. Don’t worry, gaming on powerful graphics cards brings more excitement to gaming sessions.

And the fun doubles when you can get powerful GPUs at nearly half the price compared to online store price tags. There’s no denying the fact that speed and performance are legit with the FTW3 gaming model.

The EVGA Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti graphics card features ARGB LEDs with 8K resolutions to give you the fastest data processing experience in the FTW3 gaming model. With the latest AI-integrated cooling solution and upgraded Tensor Cores and RT Cores, the speed becomes more reliable in the latest graphics-intensive games. Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti Slashed By $1000 Clear Sign Of GPU Tumbling Prices.

Is it worth buying now or waiting?

Of course, it is worth acquiring it now without waiting any longer. Why? Because a high-end Ampere graphics card only costs $50 more compared to EVGA-based RTX 3080 Ti GPUs. When looking at the price of the RTX 3080 Ti Graphics video card, it is the most reasonable price advertised by EVGA to liquidate stock. Considering the CPU compatibility of PC platforms with strong hardware components, this could be a powerful consideration for high-end gaming.

Nvidia is officially lowering prices since the beginning of this year. As you definitely remember, the $1500 price tag of the same model has been on the online card market for some time now. And the downward trend in prices by EVGA persists due to the lack of supply of the product.

Different online stores offer price variations, but they also don’t post high prices for this flagship graphics card. However, if you buy it from the official EVGA store, you will get an additional $100 discount compared to other online sellers.

The news about the excessive stocks of RTX 3000 is also being heard. It is clear that the price drop would not last long, or in other words, this drop process can be assumed in the short term. The main objective is to liquidate the excess stock already available in your warehouses. However, for powerful PCs with lower GPUs, it could be a beneficial upgrade right now.

As for pricing and clock boost, GeForce RTX 3090 Ti FTW3 Gaming costs $1,149. And this is the lowest price you can imagine for such a powerful GPU component. This huge discount could be a sign of EVGA’s new GPU release, but so far the overstock availability is clear. Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti Slashed By $1000 Clear Sign Of GPU Tumbling Prices.

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