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8+ Effective Methods to Boost a Laptop’s Speed In 2023

Topic: 8+ Effective Methods to Boost a Laptop’s Speed In 2023

8+ Effective Methods to Boost a Laptop’s Speed In 2023

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A laptop you own can suddenly start to underperform and leave you with a device that takes longer to load apps, starts making loud noises, overheats, or even crashes randomly.

Fortunately, you have a few ways to improve your performance. This article will provide you with methods that should resolve issues with your laptop. Let’s see what these methods are.

Check for Viruses thoroughly

In his article on spring cleaning tips, talks about how important it is to regularly check your computer for malware and other cybersecurity threats. In general, if you have reliable antivirus software that constantly scans your system, it should detect and remove corrupt files before they do any damage to your system.

Having said that, it is possible that some viruses were missed by an anti-malware tool and infected the system. Just to be sure, run a custom disk scan in antivirus software and check all the files on the laptop. If the scan is clean, you’re fine. And if there is any sign of malware, don’t hesitate to get rid of it from your computer.

Consider which files you can delete

Speaking of getting rid of files on a computer, you should also have a proper storage management strategy for your laptop files.

On the one hand, it is recommended to get a cleanup utility tool that can take care of temporary system junk, including extensions, caches, and redundant backups. Using such a tool also allows you to delete localization files automatically instead of manually.

Next, you could consider how many and which files to transfer to external storage. It would be a waste not to take advantage of cloud services, especially when they offer a few gigabytes of storage for free. If you want, you can also buy an external hard drive or flash drive, especially if there are a lot of issues with the laptop’s storage.

The final piece of advice to consider is this: If you find yourself storing media files on your computer, consider switching to streaming platforms. Spotify is great for music, while Netflix, Disney+, and others offer plenty of TV shows and movies. 8+ Effective Methods to Boost a Laptop’s Speed In 2023.

Clear the list of startup items

Your laptop will take longer to load if it’s cluttered with too many startup items. Applications that start after a computer loads should not be in the startup items list if you do not use them immediately after starting the computer.

It’s more efficient to open apps when you really need to use them. Many people forget about startup items and run them in the background, which takes a toll on the laptop’s resources.

In addition to trimming the list of startup items, you should also keep an eye on background processes. As already mentioned, redundant software consumes memory, CPU, and other resources, leading to device performance issues.

Declutter the Desktop

For some, keeping documents, shortcuts, and other files on a laptop desktop helps with efficiency. Accessing files without navigating through different folders and directories or using the search bar can save time.

However, a cluttered desktop with too many icons is a drag on computer performance. Switching tabs and returning to the desktop requires the system to render each icon on the desktop, and the process may take a while to complete.

It may be a bit unusual not to save files to a computer desktop, but you need to get used to having a tidy desktop to improve laptop performance.

Run the Latest OS Version

As a general rule, it is necessary to keep the system updated. And it’s not just the operating system. You’re more likely to notice the better performance when you’re also running the latest version of the software you use.

Sure, one could argue that updates take a while to download and install, especially if it’s a major version change. On the other hand, the fact that you’re missing these updates could be one of the main reasons why the laptop has been so slow recently. 8+ Effective Methods to Boost a Laptop’s Speed In 2023.

Get a Cooling Pad

Laptop Cooling Pad
Laptop Cooling Pad

If overheating and loud fan noises are something you notice in addition to other performance issues, you need to find a way to provide cool air to your laptop.

A cooling pad is a nice accessory that shouldn’t cost too much and should be the go-to option to counter the overheating problem.

At the same time, you want to clean the dust inside. The dirt that builds up after a while will also cause problems for the internal hardware, including the fans.

Tinker With Internet Browser

In case most laptop performance issues occur while browsing the web, keep in mind that the problem could be with the internet browser and not with the computer itself.

Clear the cache, remove redundant extensions, check if the browser is up to date, and limit the number of active tabs while using the app and you should see improvements.

And if your efforts don’t pay off, you still have the option to switch to a different Internet browser and use an alternative instead of what you’ve been doing so far.

Invest in Hardware upgrades

Unfortunately, laptops aren’t as flexible as desktops when it comes to hardware upgrades. In fact, some laptop models have built-in hardware and you can’t modify it.

On the other hand, if your model allows for some hardware upgrades and you have money to invest, why not put that money to good use and buy additional RAM? Or maybe an external GPU would make a significant difference?

It’s also worth replacing hard drives with solid-state drives because the former lag behind in terms of performance.

Even if you have no plans to play video games on your new and improved laptop, hardware upgrades are still worth it because they will improve overall speed and give you more enjoyment from the device.

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Conclusion: Boost a Laptop’s Speed

All in all, there are several ways to restore your laptop’s performance and get the most out of the device. If you are not satisfied with its performance lately, don’t hesitate and follow these steps to create a maintenance routine and get to work on your laptop to increase its speed. 8+ Effective Methods to Boost a Laptop’s Speed In 2023.

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